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From Building Department Services to Variance and Special Event Services, RMB Drafting Services has you covered! Let us take care of all the details in your residential project from Municipality Applications and Permits to obtaining Certificates of Occupancy. At RMB Drafting Services, Inc. we will ensure the building process goes swiftly and smoothly from start to finish.
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Building Department Services

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• Research Building Department & Municipality Files
• Residential Measuring & Drafting
• Prepare & File all Municipality Files
• Town Board Application Processing & Filing
• Planning Commission & Subdivision Services
• Obtain all Permits & Municipality Approvals
• Arrange for Building Department Inspections
• Arrange for Electrical Approval Inspections
• Obtain Electrical Approval Certificates
• Obtain Certificates of Completion
• Obtain Certificates of Occupancy
• Non-Conforming Plans
• Obtain Tax Records
• Senior Residence Approvals
• Parent Child Approvals
• Obtain Surveys

Variance & Special Event Services

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• Prepare and File all Variance Applications
• Mail Variance Notices
• Site Plans
• Prepare Radius Maps
• Prepare Area Maps
• Prepare List of Names
• Obtain Chain of Title
• Deed Research
• Obtain Age Letter
• Complete Variance Services
• Special Event Permits
• Home Resale Zoning and Permit Analysis

Board of Appeals Services

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• Consulting Services to Present Variances
• Attorney Presentation Support
• Posting of Signs
• Community Mailings
• Radius Maps
• List of Names
• Site Plans
• Town and Village Record Research
• Expert Testimony

Plumbing Consulting Services

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With our Plumbing Consulting Service, our expert plumbing division will meet with the local officials as well as on site to handle the plumbing inspections for your residential project. The head of our division is recently retired from the Town of Hempstead Plumbing Division and is a Certified Plumbing Inspector.

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